Yeah! :3 At least until June, anyway, aha. xD 

I did history today, and Ill have math tomorrow, but other than that Im done until June! uvu 

I didnt study as much for math as I planned to originally, but I think Im gonna be okay. .3. I meant to study more after supper, but I ended up just crashing out of nowhere and honestly I feel like I could totally end up just falling asleep if I stayed up too late tonight, aha. xD 

Ill probably just look over my review and stuff tomorrow morning before I leave for school and before the exam. uvu Ive already passed the class anyway though, so I mean thats good! :D 

Anyway, I think I am gonna go to bed for tonight now, I woke up a few times in the middle of the night last night too so that might be part of the reason Im tired, so I think Im gonna try to get to sleep a little earlier tonight. 030 Hopefully I stay asleep tonight, I dont really think I wanna wake up at two again tonight, ehhh. xD

Ill be on again tomorrow for sure though, and Ill try to get more written here then if I can! ^.^ 

Good night guys! :3